Here is a question I am certain you have asked yourself many times in the past.  


Is the answer "YES!" now?  


  • You came here for a reason.

  • You need to find a way out of your cigarette addiction.

  • You are seeking the truth.  

  • You are curious about the "...Without Willpower" in the title.

  • What you will learn here you will not find on any other web site, or in any other system.

  • This system is revolutionary.

  • This system gets to the heart of your problem like no other.  

  • What do I mean by that? Read on, and you will begin to understand.

You’ve heard that quitting smoking is always hard to do. LIE!


You’ve heard that nicotine is more addictive than cocaine or heroin. LIE!

TRUTH: Nicotine, by itself without the cigarette, is nowhere nearly as addictive as those "hard" drugs. If it were, people who use the nicotine patches would never be able to get off of them without terrible withdrawals.  

You've heard that the whole reason you are addicted to smoking cigarettes is the nicotine. LIE!

TRUTH: If that was true, then anyone who used the patch and weaned himself or herself off the nicotine would have no more desire to smoke. BUT THEY ALL DO! So it can't be the nicotine alone, can it?

You’ve heard that quitting “cold turkey” is the best way to quit smoking. LIE!  

TRUTH: Simply resisting the urge to smoke is just building a habit of denying another habit. Two habits in conflict. If the resisting one fails, the old one pops right back up and you go back to smoking at your old rate in no time.

  Do you want to know the REAL TRUTH?  

TRUTH: Smoking cigarettes is NOT EVEN THE REAL PROBLEM! It’s only the symptom of it. The problem is the desire to smoke!  

If you could find a system of smoking cessation that would allow you to smoke every cigarette you feel the need for and still lead you to that last cigarette, after which you never had the desire to smoke another cigarette ever again, would you want to know more about that system?

If that system guaranteed success FOR LIFE or your money back, would you be interested in it?

If learning that system costs far less than a single carton of cigarettes, would you want to try it?

Today the price of a carton of

cigarettes at my local


You may purchase this system for less than a carton of Marlboros.

If you do, you will not only quit smoking, but have no desire to ever smoke another cigarette again, unlike those who have quit using the cold turkey method. ()

Can you picture a day in the future when you see someone smoking and think to yourself, "How did I ever do that to myself for so long? I could NEVER EVER do it again."  

Can you hear yourself saying someday soon, "No, I don't smoke. No desire to do that anymore!"

Can you imagine a time when you realize that you can taste...really taste...your food again?


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I started trying to smoke my first cigarette at age four, to be more like my father. I started smoking in earnest at age fourteen, to be more like my friends, Dennis and David. I continued to smoke until I was over thirty years old, and started to realize that it was something that I should definitely not be doing to myself.

I tried "willpower" three times over the period of about a year and found that I just could not resist that "craving urge" to smoke, especially when I was around others who were smoking. Each time lasted from only a few days to a week.

Each time I discovered that I could not "break" the habit simply by denying it. Just by telling myself no, when my body and mind were craving, was ridiculous. 

So I asked myself this seemingly foolish question. "How can I quit smoking, but still never deny myself a cigarette when I feel I need to smoke one?"

From my focused and committed attempt to answer that question, I developed this system. After I completed using it, I have been without any desire to smoke a cigarette now for over thirty years. I have great sympathy for those who do.


The problem is not in the cigarette, but in the "habit" of using it. For without the habit, the addiction, tobacco has no power of its own. It is as harmless and insignificant as any simple garden-variety weed.

It is the internal perception we hold about the cigarette that makes it so dangerous. What is written in this manual in fine detail is a method by which one may change that perception permanently, without "fighting the urges" or going "cold turkey". 


Smoking is a habit. Habits are created by conscious (or even unconscious) repetitious behaviors, and are built, assembled if you will, over a period of time.

If we were computers, and I strongly believe that we are indeed the most sophisticated computers conceivable, then our "habits" would be called our programs.

Removing a program from a computer is a simple, mechanical process. Removing a habit from a human being is not quite as simple, but is still a mechanical process.

Each requires a process of steps, which, taken one at a time in order, with care and commitment, will achieve the desired result. 


When one learns to smoke, they must overcome the body's natural resistance to breathing a toxic substance, with only the ardent desire to overcome the body's own safeguards to keep the process going.

However, reversing the habit, although perhaps a bit more complex, moves one toward the body and its needs, not away from it.

Therefore ending the habit will feel more natural and is actually easier, and far less painful, than starting it. 


The first place to start is with this simple, direct question:  

Do you really want to quit smoking?

The next question must be: Are you ready to begin to do it now? Are you ready to invest the cost of about five packs of cigarettes into saving your health, perhaps even your life?  

If the answers to these questions is yes, then just click that button and start the process of ending your relationship with cigarettes forever.


The following is an unsolicited testimonial from someone who bought and used this program.

Hi Mark. 

I wrote to you about six years ago and was on the brink of a great new beginning.  Your book led me to that pathway out of the maze. 

I've been smoke FREE for six years. 

I haven't had one craving, in something like five years now.  I don't miss it at all and I have great empathy for those that are still trapped in the addiction. 

I just want you to know that I'm extremely grateful that your book put me on the right track. 

Cynthia Craton
Harbor Springs, Michigan

I could place a dozen, or two dozen more testimonials like that one here, but you don't need to read all of those to know that Cynthia just told you all you need to know about this program. We've been selling this program for over fifteen years and have helped thousands of people all over the world to quit smoking without willpower.  

But if you would like to see more letters from people this system has helped, just right-click here and choose Open in New Tab or New Window.

If you desire to end your enslavement to a product you no longer wish to purchase, use, or allow to diminish the quality of your life, then use this eBook as the key to your doorway out.  

The method does work.

It has worked for many thousands. It will work for anyone who sincerely wants to use it.

All that is needed is your attention. Although I have stated that you can quit without willpower, you must, of course, be ready to do the simple behaviors of the process, which do not include resisting smoking.  

In fact, you are encouraged to smoke each and every time you really feel that "need" to.

This process is not designed to get you to stop smoking, but to stop wanting to. Once you no longer have the desire to smoke, you will never feel the need to “learn” the habit again.  

Being around others who are smoking will not cause you to crave a cigarette. Also, you will not be able to just pick up a cigarette and return to your habit.

There will be no residual habit left in you. You will be as if you never were a smoker.  


Access is instant, even if it's 3am

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What have you got to lose?
Like I said, the guarantee is FOR LIFE!

BONUS: Until the 31st of September, a professionally narrated audio of the book will be attached to the eBook, so that you can not only read the book, but listen to it read to you by a professional narrator, like a Book-on-CD. In fact, we have sold hundreds of  the physical 2 CD set through another site for $39.95 plus $6 shipping. But if you buy this eBook today, you get it FREE. To hear a brief sample, right-click here and choose "Open in New Tab (or Window)". (Please be patient for a moment or two while it loads.) If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, or a browser that does NOT use tabs, you many need to click your browser's BACK BUTTON when it's done playing to return here.  

BONUS 2: If you purchase the eBook, you may also download our 4 minute MP3 music file, loaded with subliminal messages to assist in reducing your urges to smoke. It is a very pleasant melody, designed to be played in a loop on your computer in the background while you are online. It's value is $14.95. But if you buy this program, it is FREE to you.  

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